Is it possible to add a custom camera profile in Tower 4.x?

Iv’e done it in 3.x, but now that 3DRServices has been phased out, I’m not sure where or if I even can place an XML somewhere in the Tower folders that will recognize a custom camera XML (or the equivalent). I’ve googled and searched the forums, but not found any 4.0 references yet.

Thanks for any insights anyone might have!

Hi, you can follow the similar instructions for adding the peau-productions modified gopro cameras to Tower / Mission Planner, provided by them:

Of course, you should edit and use your custom profile parameters!

I’d done that for the 3.x version of Tower that still used 3DR Services, but 4.x does not. I recreated the folder structure for 3DR Services just in case, but that did not seem to work…