Is it Possible: sbus one receiver connect to two pixhawks

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Hope you can Help me.
Is it possible to connect the sbus from one frsky x8r to two ardupilots (Pixhawk 4)?
Or is it possible to bind 2 x8r receivers to a taranis and use them in parallel?

Why am I asking this?
Because I want to use this:
In combination with 2 pixhawks for redundancy, because I live in Austria. We have to do this.
Unfortunately the ap-m does not support sbus but only ppm and pwm for receiver input.
And I do not have the hardware yet, second reason for asking and not trying.

So if this is working, I could connect the sbus to the pixhawks directly and one pwm to the ap-m.

If not then would be interesting to use 2 receivers in parallel? Connected to one pixhawks each.

Otherwise I will have to use pwm2ppm or sbus2ppm converter, what I am trying to avoid.

So last sentence, my questions again:

Is it possible to connect the sbus from one frsky x8r to two ardupilots (Pixhawk 4)?
Or is it possible to bind 2 x8r receivers to a taranis and use them in parallel?

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Ps, sorry if I haven’t picket the proper category, it’s my first posting here.

You indicated that the APM does not support sbus.

I’ve been using sbus on my APM, a RCTimer ArduFlyer 2.5.2, for nearly two years. It requires an update to the ATMega 32U2 chip in order to use sbus. It was not that difficult to flash the chip.

Here is a video about it.

You can definitely bind 2 X8R’s to one model. In fact that’s commonly done for planes that need a lot of PWM outputs. The 16 channels of Sbus will be the same for each. You will need to disable telemetry on the 2nd one.

Ok thanks, I think I will go with 2 receivers.

Just curious:
One receiver and sbus to two FCs will not work?

@solson888 thanks, but I was writing about ap-m, not apm. Check the link. Yeah they have chosen a confusing abbreviation for their product. :thinking:

I have one of these for sale if you want to. I’m in EU so shipping would be easy. So make an reasonable offer :slight_smile:

Condition: Never used. Can send pictures on Monday.

One X8R to 2 Pixhawks via Sbus works fine. I just tested it out of curiosity with some bench gear. USB connection to Mission Planner on a desktpop on one and telemetry connection to the other on a laptop each fully functional in the Radio Calibration screens. This won’t give you RC redundancy though. One would think 2 Rx’s both bound to the Tx would be better. No?

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Wow, thanks for trying this.
I think I will go with 2 receiver. Perhaps x8r and r9. But the ap-m only supports one pwm/ppm input. But receivers never fail, do they?
But currently I have another issue that I do not see any sbus coming in on my Pixhawk 4 mini, from the x8r. Pwm/ppm is good but no sbus signal at all. But that’s another story. Thanks again

@LuisVale sorry already have my ap-m. But have you got some short circuit protection for my two batteries to offer?

The R9, and other Rx’s in the R9 series, have a redundancy function with an Sbus input from another Rx like the X8R. So the X8R would be connected via the Transmitter internal radio and the R9 to the R9M module.

Like this (more bench stuff :grinning::

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Does this works 2 x8r receivers ? And what are all inputs we can work on

No, X8R doesn’t have a redundancy function.

Did you create the set of pins to connect the pixhawks or is there available hardware I could use to replicate the same?
Your feedback is highly appreciated