Is it possible Mavlink Router Using Arduino Board + Ethernet Shield?

Hi, I trying to make mavlink router using arduino 2560 + Ethernet Shield instead of raspberry pi.

now I’m reading some specific data from FC(like flight_mode, attitude, status ,etc…) through arduino then send that data to maria DB server

So In my thought is it possible to make router using that combination

FC -----> Arudino Board + Ethernet_Shield(Static IP) -------->

(mavlink_packet) (Serial.Read(Packet)) (Server.Write(packet))

LTE_Router -----------> GCS

(port Forwarding) (Read Data)

Is it correct my theory??

  1. When i request data stream to FC, then arduino borad read Serial packet (Done!)

  2. Using Serial.Read() and Serial.Write() to TCP Server ((Done! Can read Packet in Desktop powershell using telnet)

But Can’t connect GCS also can’t parsing that packets…

I don’t know what is different packet between mavlink_router(TCP) and my arduino(TCP)… It seems to Same…

Please let me know any idea of my theory…

thank you!.