Is it ok to always fly with trims not centered?


the only way i can get my quad to fly with out pulling hard left is to have a lot of right trim on. I can’t get save trim to work and auto trim not working either to correct the roll.

is it ok to just leave trim to the right or will that muck up other flight characteristics?

Somethings not right there, perhaps attach a log file. Did you calibrate it all level?

thanks for reply. yes calibrated all level.

another weird thing is when i try to use the save trim the primary flight display (virtual horizon) always drifts to a 9 degree angle and stays there…only goes when i recalibrate the accelerometers

right - starting to get some where…

i looked at AHRS_TRIM_X and after some trial changed it to +0.150000

now the quad is stable but the artificial horizon now is tilted to the right

is there any way i can have a stable quad and a flat artificial horizon?