Is it finished or Is it not finished That is a Question :)


I do hope that everything is going fine with you all.
My Problem started on one of thoes days ( You Know) where I really should have done nothing to do with Electronics that day, because everything I did was wrong!!!

  The Problem: 1- When I connect the PM. to the board nothing, When I connect one osd to the output, Nothing, and Because There was no lights no nothing so I tried to connect power to the reciever while it was connected to the apm ch. 1, 2, 4, 5!! Now the Ch.'s on input some of them dont Work too.

I have allready ordered a new board Version 2.8 and have installed it and it Works great, But I had a look at the board and was hoping maybe, just maybe I could repair it, with your help.

When I connect the apm 2.6 ( the faulty one ) to the computer, the MP. can connect and it seems that there is some life there. Have I destroyed the board so that I could never repair it!?

                You tell me?

                     Thank you