Is it a fault in radio system?


I faced a crash yesterday, after analyzing log, I discovered an weird point in the SBUS signal:

At this point, there are 4 signals which went wrong: changing state (go high and low) in very short moment (0.4s).

No similar phenomenon was observed in others RCIN channels

The RC8 is my Motor Emergency switch :frowning:
I am using Dragonlink 900Mhz + Futaba T6K Controller

This is the log file:

Have you guys encountered this situation before? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

External RF source interference like cellular phone in your pocket?

I guess not, there was source of 900Mhz around me that time. This just happen to 4 channels the others 8 are still normal. Could it be the problem from reading SBUS?


I had a similair problem last week with 4.0.7. i had a spike of 200ms on ch14.
As far as I know that this can happen with sbus, but I remember that in the past there was a filter in arducopter code that those kind of faulty signals are filtered. Perhaps @tridge can say something more about that.



Hello @Harald,

Sorry about your problem but also good to know that we are facing the same one. What is your radio system? If not Dragonlink and Futaba T6K, should this issue come from the flight controller or this copter 4.0.7? (I am using Cube Orange)

I use a standard Pixhawk from 3DR and Frsky x4sb on a Taranis x9d.