Is it a bug? : Status screen of Mission Planner

Dear all,

I found a bug about status screen of Mission Planner.
I checked it on ArduPlane 4.0.5.
Also I saw it on ArduCopter4.0.3.

I upload two images.
In both image, same Cube Black with ArduPlane 4.0.5 was used.
servo9-14 function were set as 51 (RC1).

First image is the screen shot of Mission Planner connected by teremetry.
You can see that ch9-14 output are 0.

Second image shows the screen connected by USB cable.
You can see that ch9-14 output as ch1 input.

In both case, I checked AUX2 with servo motor, and it moved well.

From these, I think that there are some bugs on communication function of Mission Planner or Ardupilot.

Thank you.

not a bug,
enable mavlink2 on the telemetry port.

Dear Michael-san,

I tried and it works well!
Thank you!