Is ImmersionRC Ghost protocol not supported?

Looking at the list of compatible radio control systems here, it looks like the ImmersionRC Ghost RC protocol is not (yet) supported, is that right? Is support being planned or in development in copter 4.1?

Also, CRSF is supported so I assume that means TBS Tracer can also be used. Could someone please confirm?

Tracer is supported. You’re the first to ask about Ghost - not currently supported, although you can use it with sbus or srxl I believe. It’s native protocol is not in 4.1, and there’s no timeline on it - but we can have a look.

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Is ImmersionRC Ghost protocol support in Copter 4.4?

It should be via SRXL2 on 4.4. I have a setup to test, but never got around to trying. Let me know how you get on.

@andyp1per Good call.

SRXL2 is a temporary workaround, but I know the GHST protocol is faster and much more reliable. I would love to see this in Ardupilot, but I am not going to pretend I know anything about what this would take. I know GHST protocol is on PX4. Would it be viable to get a PX4 GHST protocol port to Ardupilot? Again, I have no idea what this would take. The would allow the complete ImmersionRC/Orqa ecosystem to be usable on Ardupilot.

It’s certainly possible, although I don’t have the time to do this currently

Sounds good. SRXL2 will work well for now. Thanks again

Just a quick update. Ardupilot now supports IRC Ghost Protocol.