Is Hybrid flight mode functional?

Just wondering if hybrid is actually functional. It is showing up as an option in MP. But, if I select it using my radio, I get NO voice announcing that it is activated. In DroidPlanner, it shows as an option, but if I select that option in DP, not only do I not get a voice announcing it being activated, but the bar that shows the flight mode, does not change to “hybrid”.

Example: lets say I am in stab…and let’s say I switch via radio to RTL…I get a voice announcing that via both MP and DP and RTL now shows in DP as the new selected mode. If I then switch to hybrid, I get no voice announcement in DP and the RTL doesn’t change to reflect hybrid (but the fact that there is NO announcing voice, makes me think that something may have changed, but that no one has simply yet added a voice for hybrid.

My Iris seems to fly differently when I select hybrid…so, is it active but some features in DP and MP simply haven’t been updated?

I am cross posting this also to DP as I’m not sure where the problem exists, or if it is in both software.

Craig Elder at 3DR says that hybrid is not yet in an official release. So, even though it may show up in MP or DroidPlanner or other GCS, it is NOT yet active.