Is hoverboard wheel can be used on Rover?

Hello guys,

I want to build a Rover with Brushless DC motors, and I have a motor drive board and two hoverboard wheels, I have connected to Arduino and control my vehicle successfully like picture, but now I want to use Pixhawk to replace Arduino because MissionPlanner is a powerful software.

Please give some advice about brushless motor can be used on Pixhawk?
I have tred many times to connect Pixhawk and motor drive board, but I think I may be don’t figure out how does Pixhawk works.

Here is my motor drive board and it has 6 out pin, [5V]-[EL]-[M]-[ZF]-[VR]-[GND] ,these 6 pin can be connected to MCU(like Arduino)
5V : power positive.
EL : brake. (5V = Lock, 0V = Unlock)
M : RPM output.
ZF : Invert. (5V = clockwise, 0V = anticlockwise)
VR : PWM.(0~5V, 1KHz~10KHz)
GND : Ground.

Sorry for my bad English
And thank you for any advice!

I use two 10 inch hoverboard wheels/motors to drive my rover.
But I use VESCs to control them.
You could try setting ESC type to “brushed with relay” leaving the lock/unlock function connected to ground.


Thank you very much!
I even don’t know what is VESC untill your reply.
Thank you again!

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