Is hobbywing eagle-20A ESC compatible with CubePilot CubeOrange?

Is hobbywing eagle-20A esc compatible with pixhawk cube?

We were unable to calibrate the esc.
If it is compatible, how can I calibrate it?

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Like always: Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) Calibration — Copter documentation

We calibrate the escs with the same method, but it does not calibrate like other escs.

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Hello @Erenkeskin

Be careful about some Hobbywing ESCs, some of those has some configurable options that can be set at the same way as normal ESC calibration occurs (powering it up with PWMs higher than 1500).

A long time ago I suffered to properly calibrate one of those because they entered in the configurable menu so it was awaiting configuration commands instead of properly doing calibration. If I am not mistaken, the secrets behind it is to pull your PWM signal down in the proper time (if you await several seconds for it, it enters in this menu).

Let me know if you face more difficulties with it.

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