Is droneshare abandoned? Any other place to upload 3.4 logs?

It’s been about 6 weeks since droneshare has been bouncing Emails (actually maybe closer to 2 months), 3.4 dataflash logs are still dropped on the floor, so there is nowhere convenient I can put them to share them for analysis and bugreports.

Does someone know of a place that’s like droneshare, but works with 3.4?


I don’t know either but noticed it always says there’s a problem and can’t read my logs. Started a few month ago.

Its currently not available and I am not aware of any alternative.
Thanks, Grant.

Now that we have, I’m assuming 3DR is definitely not going to continue to support/fix droneshare, correct?

Is that planned to move under too, given adequate volunteer time, or is it staying with 3DR as is?

It was announced that it would be discontinued: