Is Bidirectional Dshot in the todo list?

The question goes to the developers. It would be great to have this feature in the near future so as to free up the serial port when enabling ESC telemetry. I’m looking forward to this since my project requires reading rpm in “real-time” plus adding peripherals such as extra sensors.
Is it possible to also implement this in version 3.6?


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Yes, it’s on the list but not started yet.


I may be interested in learning more about bidirectional dshot. Is closed loop control of speed likely? Likewise would the feedback allow the ability to use rotational feedback as a low resolution encoder to track motion while a vehicle coasts?

Just realised this is the copter forum. Are the drivers being written in in such a way that they will automatically be available in Ardurover after the PR has been accepted?

It would - but I’m not sure how it would be use in rover

I’m researching many ways of improving dead reckoning in situations with poor to no GPS/GNSS reception. Being able to directly track wheel rpm and/or number of revolutions with no extra wiring or devices than already needed to drive the motors sounds good to me.

Edit: I’m looking into the CAN ESCs for similar reasons.

They were ready-ing the snow plows earlier today, so flying is not that comfortable this time of the year.
I’ve got two cheap quads to go try stuff. One has a Holybro Pixhawk 4 with F0 Wraith32v2s, the other an Orange Cube with Tekko32 F3s.

Wheel encoders.

…which can’t be achieved without extra wires and physical devices.

Used encoders in industrial applications in the past and have seen them referenced in the documentatiofunction. ESC feedback would give the encoder like functionality without extra failure points and at the wheel speeds seen when taking typical 1/10 scale vehicles north of 30mph.

Anyhow this is off topic. As I said I am researching many different ways of making improvements.

Cool. I haven’t done configs for either if those yet so will give it a go. I have an orange so can do some minimal testing - although Sid did a bunch of the development on an orange so should be no problem.

I’ll follow up in the other thread

The support for this is now in master

I have fixed BLHeli_S passthru and it is now in master!

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Yay!! I can finally retire the old Naze32 ESC programming FC and the hassle of disconnecting the servo leads. This is great, thanks Dr. Piper!!

Thru the Pixracer

Posted just to show the version of the Suite that worked for these.