Is APM Planner capable of GPS Inject?

Hi guys,

I recently started to move towards APM planner as it sis more suited to work on Ubuntu, as opposed to Mission Planner.
I managed to build it and install it on 14.04 (the layout colors look weird, but it works).

So now i wanted to check the RTK GPS unit i have installed, but i can not find the GPS INJECT option/capability…is it there but im not finding it? or is it not part of APM planner? (if it osnt part of APM planner, can anyone suggest a solution for this?)


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Trying to figure out this part as well. Need to use my Here+ rtk on Linux platform. Hoping to work with ROS.

me too man.
Im not sure if someone will reply though, its been more than 10 days.
side question: why ROS? why not dronekit? or flytbase?

I’m trying to utilize an Intel Joule and Realsense zr300 camera. I’m just starting out with that part of the kit. I haven’t fully wrapped my head around it but think it needs ROS.

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RTK support is not implemented in APM Planner 2.0. If you are keen to add it, that would be great

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thank you for the reply Bill.
since MP is open-source, im assuming the RTk functionality is also open and available? if so, could you point me to that piece of code?

I’m just at crawling stage now with these shiny new things… I hope to get up to speed and help in the future.