Is anyone using DO_SET_ROI?

We have setup a WP plan with:


It takes off, goes to three waypoints and lands, the quad never turns to ROI.

We attempted it in Copter 3.4.4 and Copter 3.4.5. It was able to preform correctly on the first flight on 3.4.5, but would not do it any other subsequent flight. The WP plan remained the same.

Help please! Thank you!

is the gimbal setup for both yaw and pitch axis? if so the copter wont turn yaw towards the POI, it will turn the gimbal instead…if you want the copter to point towards ROI you need disable gimbal yaw axis

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In Full Parameter Tree, I see:

0:Never change yaw
1:Face next waypoint
2:Face next waypoint except RTL
3:Face along GPS course
Determines how the autopilot controls the yaw during missions and RTL

It is set to 2. The DO_SET_ROI mission acted like it was set to 0. Could this be a bug?

Thanks again for any insight of what I am overlooking.

Ahhh… good info! Yes. I am trying to configure the quad and gimbal at the same time (new custom quad build).
I will disable the gimbal Pan under Initial Setup - Gimbal Control?

This may be a huge help… I’m heading off to test this tonight.

imrj, you my friend are awesome! I disabled Pan under Camera Gimbal and flew 3 missions; 3 out 3 mission flew Do_SET_ROI correctly!

Thanks again!