Is AdaRacer board compliant with APM?

Hello everyone (=

I would like to use AdaRacer board to build another QuadPlane. I would like to install on AdaRacer APM:Plane 3.7.1

Actually I have Windows computer and Linux computer.
And I have mission planner.

Actually I am using mission planner for installinf firmware on alla my boards: VRBrain, PixFalcon, Pixhawk, etc
Usually Mission Planner see the board as a COM port.

This time I don’t see any COM port, so I think that I do not have any driver for the AdaRacer. Can you help me to find the AdaRacer driver?

If is possibile I like to install AdaRacer Driver on Windows, otherwise I can install they on Linux.

AdaRacer board supports ardupilot FCS. It is based on pixracer board.

The issue that you are facing is due to the MCU’s flash of the AdaRacer board is empty.

First you need to put the configuration jumpers to boot from rom instead of flash memory.

This is the correct configuration to boot from flash. Invert the jumper 2 to boot from rom.

You can follow the section “Upload via DFUse on windows” here, and then follow the section “Upload DFU File on windows”.

Here are the files that you need:

USB DFU utility (7.5 KB)

In a nutshell, you need to install the DFU tools to upload the bootloader via usb. After that you can update easily the firmware using the Mission planner. Don’t forget to set the jumper to boot from flash.

More details about the datasheet can be found here. The connectors pinout description are the same as the pixracer, but take caution with the GND on connectors since some are inverted. If you know the ground you automatically know the correct order of the pins. Use this for your reference.

Thank you very much for the reply!