Is a battery monitor needed for a traditional helicopter?

I was reading about first-time setup and tuning for a quad-copter. In the tuning section (Setting the Aircraft Up for Tuning — Copter documentation), instructions are given for setting battery monitor parameters. The battery monitor helps ensure control stability in the case of voltage sag during throttle increase. I was curious if the battery monitor would also be necessary for a traditional helicopter.

I did not see voltage sag detection mentioned in the setup and tuning instructions for a traditional helicopter. I’m sure this is because a traditional helicopter is maneuvered by pitch control while throttle control is simply regulated to maintain head speed. There is potential for voltage sag during maneuvering, however, a traditional helicopter rotor is much slower to accelerate or decelerate. So stabilization in a hover is not a concern, where small quick control adjustments are made, but what may be effected is the stability of the helicopter during prolonged stress during climbs or banking turns. This is where I might want to have a battery monitor. That is my assumption.

I am building my drone around the Align E1 900 helicopter. I hope that a battery monitor is not necessary for stability, since this larger helicopter will require around 200 amps at 12S. I prefer to bypass any power module, and instead use a dedicated battery for the autopilot. There is one option for a power module made by Holybro (the PM08D).

Is there any control stability concern if I do not use a battery monitor for the traditional helicopter configuration?

The battery monitor has another crucial function and that is to provide voltage and current monitoring for triggering low-battery failsafes. They safe you not only from damaging your battery by overdischarging it, it also protects everything under your heli from possible damage or injury that would occur if your heli fell from the sky.
(I know about autorotation but I don’t know if that’s a thing in RC helicopters)

I can’t talk about control stability though, as I have no experience with RC helicopters.

I did find this monitor: Mauch - PL-200/8.

This monitor provides an analog output. I am using the CUAV Nora+ flight controller. It does have an analog power input at the Power A port.

Also found this one, but I can’t trust a no-name option from AliExpress.

Probably best also to look at getting a DShot ESC for RPM feedback, such as the Flipsky FSESC 12200