Is 6 minutes is not enough for autotune?

I reduced all ATC_RAT paramaters to half then I started autotune. It twiched like 15-20 times but when I looked at logs I see TuneStep didn’t changed.

What does that mean? It’s flied like 6 minutes. Is that isn’t enough for autotune?

Depends on how successful it is.
If you have to interrupt it a few times due to drone drifting away or other reasons the auto-tune will take longer.
It is not based on time but rather on when the outcome is achieved.
The next thing is are you trying to auto-tune all 3 axes at once or only one at the time? - This would most likely take at least 14 minutes or more to achieve. I prefer one or two at the most at any time…but up to you and the available flight time of your drone.

When I do an auto-tune I have the MP going in the background and wait for the “auto-tune completed” message / announcement. You will then need to decide if you want to save the new settings or revert back to original settings - As per instructions.
Also important to have all pre-requisites done prior to starting auto-tune:

Thanks for response!

There was a little pilot override but I don’t think that much.

My AUTOTUNE_AXES paramater is set to 1(only roll).

I don’t have a telemetry :frowning:

Without telemetry the process is more challenging.
During Auto-tune you can wait until the drone stops twitching, then proceed with the assumption that it is successful → I.e. decide if you want to save new settings or not. After landing download the log and check if successful or not. If it is fine and you’ve decided to save new values then the P values in the parameter list and tuning page will have changed.
See below example on QGroundControl:

Here is an example from MP showing values prior to auto-tune:

Most likely because the log is full of “Failing to Level” messages so it’s not in a tune state suitable for Auto Tune. It never got past one D tune step which is the 1st step in the process. D up, Fail to level, repeat. After the change and a twitch there is a time constant that must be met for return to level. A badly tuned craft will not make it. This can cause a crash in Auto Tune hence the message and no change in the parameter. Of course without telemetry you are oblivious to this until a log review…

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