Is 3.4.5 limiting PIDs minimum values?

Hi. I cannot go below 3 on Stabilize Ps. Is it APMs limitation or Mission Planners?

I need to go to 0 for testing purposes.


Hello Roman,

You can set channel 6 to tune the Stabilize P and set its lower limit to 0 when the knob is at minimum.

Smart trick! Thank you.

So it is Mission Planners problem?

I believe the problem is with Mission Planner. For helicopters none of the PID values are within the limits that Mission Planner thinks they should be. Simply go to the full parameter list or tree, and set them there. I think it will still complain about your param being out of limits, but you just click on the box that pops up and say “ok” and it lets you set it.

If you have an Android tablet and want to skip all that, put in Tower and set your parameters with that. Tower doesn’t complain about it.