Irregular throttle behavior in AUTO mode when Auto take off is armed

Irregular throttle behavior in AUTO and Auto take off mode.
I have the latest version 4.5 of Arduplane installed on my orange cube.

My problem is this: the throttle in manual mode and fwba work normally ( 0 to 100 percent ), but in AUTO mode (Auto takeoff, hand launch), with the mission in progress and point-fix1 armed / in progress , it behaves irregularly:
1- when changing from manual mode to AUTO, the mission and WP1 are armed, I start running, the engine starts, but only at 50 percent of its power
2- I did not launch the plane, since the engine is not 100 percent and it would end up breaking down.
3- at this moment, with AUTO mode still activated, I raise the glider nose about 30 degrees and the throttle accelerates to 100 percent (full power)
4- I put the nose down (-30 degrees) and the engine reduces to 0 percent until it stops
5- I turn the entire plane to its right or left side 90 degrees and the engine accelerates to 100 percent.
6- I put the plane in its normal position, straight and level and reduce the throttle again to 50 percent
No error messages in the radio. All calibrations were done. I’ve been looking for the solution on ardupilot for 2 weeks and I haven’t found it. this happened to anyone? any suggestion. Thank you so much.

Please share a .bin flight log file, that makes it easier to help you.

How exactly are you triggering auto takeoff? I am asking this because the throttle behaviour sound very much like normal TECS behaviour during standard auto missions, but without auto takeoff triggered.

Hi Janno.
I will reset my logging parameters (Any log recorded yet) and post here as soon as posible.

Here is the log WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free