Irlock with pixhawk

Is anyone use IRLock with pixhawk on boat? I need to get the boat to precise docking place and its quit difficult pith GPS.
Many thanks

What are your findings, what would you like to know?

I need to drive the boat automatically to its docking station and by the GPS its not succeeding. So I thought maybe I have to use irlock or something similar to do it

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if your goal is to make the boat move to the docking, then you would need to have the IR-emitter submerged, it is made to navigate while being mounted nadir.
I think you would be much better of by driving the boat by some other visual data and GUIDED mode.

Check out this project: GitHub - patrickpoirier51/OpenTracker
you can base your work on that.

RTK gps would give you the precision you would need.