IRLock in RTL mode?


I would like to know if the precision landing function with IRLock that basic function in LAND mode had evolved to operate in RTL mode?

Triggering an RTL with automatic precision landing is working so far. I have a little video for you:


Good new !

Thank you, it’s cool !

hi, nice video. What params did you use for IRLock?
Mission Planner only shows PLND_ENABLED and PLND_TYPE.

PRECLND_* is not there any more despite that IRLOCK website mentions it:

also, did you use a rangefinder? According to them v3.4 requires a sonar or lidar.

My log shows “Heal” = 0 all the time, but I cannot find the issue.

I use a SF/11c as rangefinder.


thanks Stefan

what params are you using?

  1. PLND_*
  2. RNGF_*


How do you trigger an RTL “with automatic precision landing”? I have precision landing working in precision loiter and in land, but cant get it to work with RTL!

Please help! @fingadar

Can you give me a link to a logfile of a flight with RTL?

I think i figured it out, when i had no terrain follow for RTL it didnt work but when I enabled terrain following for RTL it worked. Now the problem is that my range finder is only works up to 10 meters, so i cant put the RTL altitude higher than 10 meters :S … Do you have any ideas how to bypass this problem? Thanks!!