IRlock/Gazebo sitl copter cannot land on sitl target

Hi folks. I’ve exhausted all my troubleshooting ideas but I simply cannot get the iris to land on the simulated fiducial target in gazebo running latest master for sitl.

Only after a lot of massaging of the world file is the camera even capable of seeing the target. The best performance I’ve gotten is the simulated iris toilet bowling over the target until it eventually breaks track. I’ve done this now on Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, and just today on bare metal 20.04. I’ve also tried multiple versions of gazebo as well. Currently using gazebo 11.

I’m really curious to know if anyone has it currently working?


I’m using Gazebo 9 on Ubuntu 18 with ROS to get the video feed.

And you’re able to land no problem on the simulated IRlock target?

I’m not using IRLock but fiducial target. And yes, it works great

Ugh. Jealous. Thanks man! I’ll persevere soon enough!