IRLOCK does not work with CUAV x7

Hi guys i’m trying to make irlock working with a CUAV x7 ( .
I’m confident saying that all the wiring is correctly done, and i made multiple time the configuration steps suggested by irlock website.
The irlock itself is working,i can say that because pixymon is seeing it.
Also, i tried to use it with a more common Pixhawk Cube, ( and it works flawlessly.
So i strongly believe that the problem is on the CUAV side: the “heal” parameter for precision landing is always “0” on CUAV.

I believe that it is something regarding I2C connection, but my knowledge ends here. I also tried to find the I2C frequency of the CUAV to see if it match the one on the IRLOCK but i could not find any info.

So guys, i hope you can help me, because CUAV did not answer me.
Thank you!