Iris with GoPro becomes unstable

Having a problem when I fly Iris with a GoPro attached to the front (no gimbal). Seems to fly ok at first then suddenly becomes hard to control and very front heavy. For example after flying ok for a few minutes I changed direction and flew for a bit then it suddenly became so front heavy that even holding the right stick fully down it only just manages to stay level, I then need to bring it down ASAP to avoid disaster.

Not sure how to download logs but I think its this one.

Any idea’s what could be going on?

do you have the dataflash log as well?

also, what created that tlog?

Using APM Planner 2 on mac. Dataflashlogs attached, I’m not sure which one it is so I’ve attached the latest 3, I think its 2014-3-21_6-23_123.log.


How far forward is your GoPro tilted?

Not far off being level, small tilt down only.

You can see here during this flight particularly when it starts descending and then just before 2 min when it comes very close to dropping out of the sky.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I am having what look like the same issue but only in RTL mode. I haven’t gotten good looking logs off yet (I think they are corrupted from the USB bug but not sure yet)

Starts ~ 2:40 in.

Gopro without gimble, in clear case gopro comes with, tilted as far back as it goes. Loiter mode seems fine. in RTL the nose pitches down every few seconds (somtimes).

Is there re-calibration needed when the go pro is mounted?

I checked log “2014-21_23-53_124.log” it seems that you are loosing communication on all channels at certain instants.
Which RC Controller are you using?

Digging around elsewhere I found and solved my issues 100% and I’m now a very happy Iris Pilot.

You need to setup a PC with the mission planner software. Go to the frame configuration and make sure to load the correct Iris profile. It needs to be loaded with the Iris + Gopro (gimble also has another different profile). Sorry if its not called a ‘profile’… I don’t have it in front of me right now. The basic story is - you need to load this.

(I also ran through the calibration process of the compass…)