Iris+ upgrade kit has low oscillation in arms

When I fly with the upgraded IRIS arms I can see in my videos that there is a low shallow oscillation in the arms as it flies.
Are the new arms strong enough to support the copter in flight?


I was wondering about the stiffness of the arms too. I just upgraded mine and noticed that the arms a just a tiny bit more flexible.

Did you balance the props and if so did it make a difference?


No, did not balance the props. I was however able to remove the bolts from the new props and use them to attach my old 10x47 props.

This gives me more lift but now I can see the vibration when I lift off, especially when I have the gimbal attached. Did not notice that with the old arms.

I have also checked the screws to make sure when I did the upgrade I tighten them all. Just seems as there’s more give then there use to be.


strongest suggestion that you balance the props and use DJI 6mm prop bolts instead of readapting the 9447 prop bolts…