IRIS+ "twitches" sometimes

Hi All,

I am a new owner of the IRIS+ since some days. After setting it up, the first thing I did was updating the Firmware to 3.2 (before it was von 3.2_iris or something like that). After that I had to recalibrate. For my point of view everthing worked fine, recalibration automatically stopped after having enough dots.

Then I went out to go on the first flights… manual and automated flights. Both days it was a bit windy and actually we have around 5° celsius here.

So, what I recognized is: I created several automated missions with DroidPlanner 2 on my android phone. On every flight the IRIS+ was kind of twitching sometimes as if you would suddenly pull the right stick sideways.

My question is, if this could be because of the weather conditions or if I should recalibrate the compass again.

Thanks to all for responding

Hey Guys,

nobody here who can help me? I already contacted the 3DR Support which gave me the recommendation todo a complete new installation of firmware, which means, they told me to upload the ArduPlane Software and then again the 3.2 ArduCopter Software. This cause some several issues because I think it resetted all preset, which have been done when shipping out to customer. So I had to recalibrate Compass and Accel. In the beginning it even did not recognize the RC. Now I am struggeling with PreArm: High GPS HDOP message, so I manually change some values. I replied to them but still got no answer. Because of bad weather conditions I could not check if the problem still exists. I asked them to send me a file with their presets, so that everything is set up to normal values again.

Anybody else who had those problems?