Iris+ takes off and doesn't respond

i set up my iris+ in a large dirt field. i programmed waypoints using droid planner 3. i had takeoff, a few waypoints, then land. i uploaded the mission to the iris, then downloaded it just to make sure. i armed the rotors an (in std mode) brought the throttle up slightly. then i switched to auto mode and the thing shot into the sky in the complete opposite direction. i was flying about 60 ft up and going really fast. i switched back to std, then LTR, it was unresponsive. then i flipped RTL. it was still going. so i flipped land. still nothing.

well it did eventually “land” 3 broken props and 1 broken arm, not to mention the door that holds in the battery.

still not sure what i did wrong. i love the iris+ but it keeps trying to kill itself.

I just got my Iris+ a few days ago, and am still playing. The only thing I’ve tried so far, is the “LAND” switch, and mine worked quite well. Where I live is all trees, so I’m not about to try any autonomous stuff until I go to a big open field. Been doing lot’s of reading. I’m also still not quite sure how the Pixhawk/Droidplanner/GPS/radio, all work together. Seems to me that if you upload a mission, that the Iris will fly it from GPS, right? So as long as it gets GPS, it should fly the mission. Still wondering about the radio. What if you loose radio signal, but still have GPS ??? I know about the fail safe’s, so I guess some tweaking there will make a difference. I like that they have a “continue with mission” option. Time will tell. It sure does make things pucker up though, watching your rig fly away on it’s own. :smiley: