Iris+: studying and (eventually) modifying the firmware

Hello to everybody,

first of all I want to apologize is my questions seems stupid or too simple, but I very very newbie in the world of programming and I really need a little help in order to get used a bit.

Right now I’m working on my master thesis that is going to be related to the drone Iris+ made by the 3DR. My aim, in this phase of the project, is just to examinate and study the firmware uploaded on it. The drone is property of the University and has been bought before summer. Connecting it with the ground control station, I can see that the version of the firmware installed is “Arducopter V3.2 (c8e0f3e1)”

First question: does the code c8e0f3e1 means something important?

Now, on the ardupilot website for developers is written:

The ArduPilot project source code for Plane, Copter, Rover and Antenna Tracker are available on GitHub in the repository.

Following the link I’ve found this page: … ArduCopter

But on my Iris+ drone is mounted a “Pixhawk” autopilot hardware. And on the developers site is also written:

Several additional projects are used for PX4 based platforms (ie. PX4v1 and Pixhawk): PX4Firmware, PX4NuttX, uavcan — these are imported as Git Submodules when you build the project.

So now I’m a bit confused… Is my firmware made by the codes showed in the page that I’ve linked above ( … ArduCopter) or should I search somewhere else?

Sorry again if the doubt is stupid and thank you very much in advance for any kind of help.