Iris+ Stock Battery low flight time

Good day community,

i recieved my new IRIS+ 3 days ago. Love the product so far. had some Trouble to get it started tho.
The RC wasn´t bind to the Pixhawk and neither the telemetry radio.
Took me some time but all worked out great.

The main problem i have is the battery Failsafe set to 10,4V. At 10.4 V i roughly get a flight time off 5-7 min. mAh use is around 1000-1200mAh.

I think that is much for a product advertised with 16 min of flight time.
So i went ahead and changed the Failsafe settings to 0 V and 20% mAh.
Well as some of you can guess at 8.5V and 1800mAh used the IRST took a dive. Nothing bad only the Blades are messed up and not recommented to use. :astonished:

Now i would like to get some input on your Battery failsafes: where to you have it set? Voltage and mAh.
After my crash i would say around 9V and about 2000mAh?

Does anybody have any experince with that problem?
Or can help me to extend my flight time? my flying the stock Batteries.
Currently im not flying with the Gimbal attached.

Oh and if anybody has some recommentations for diffrent Batteries that fit with more Voltage and mAh i would also like to hear what you got on those. :smiley:
One more Battery question :wink: : To what Voltage of Batteries can i fly my IRIS? 15,4V up to 22,2? S3-5?

Thank you guys in advance for your help
Love the Support on here :slight_smile:

The 10.4 is a good number and helps to keep the battery safe from over discharging. Draining the battery below 9 volts will destroy the battery.

I get about 20 minutes of flight with the 5100 battery so don’t know what you have going here. A flight log would help to determine what the battery is doing during flight.


My failsafe is set to 10.5V and I get a good 12 minutes with gimbal and GoPro in windy weather. Sounds to me like your battery either isn’t fully charged or it might have a damaged cell.

Edit: The IRIS can only take 3S/11.1V batteries. Anything else will damage the electronics!

Good morning,
i figured the flight time is off. but 20 min wow, wish i had that time. I dont think it is the battery. I have 3 of those and my charger shows me the Voltage in all cell´s. but i will check them out again!

I set my fail safe back to 10,4 V. and i talked to support. the lady had me send her my .bin data from the mini sd card of the pixhawk. She too says something with the flight time doesnt add up.
im waiting on her return.

@ iseries: what logs would help you? im not that good with logs yet but willing to try and learn.

Thanks for the help so far. i guess together we can find whats wrong with it, since more set of brains will help

you can put a solve behind it…
The batteries never got charged to there capacity. the charger just charged to 1A .Dont know why the,but bought a new charger and now i get my flight times. yesterday first battery i flew i got 14 min.

Thank you everyone