IRIS+ running master flips over while taking off in loiter

I’m running almost the latest master on an IRIS+. When I attempt to take off in loiter mode, the copter flips over. When I run the latest stable (3.3), it takes off in loiter without any problems. In both versions of the firmware, it flies without problems in stabilize. This video shows what happened:

Here are the logs:

Could somebody help me debug this or at least give me some pointers on how to debug this?

I realized that the video I posted was private. It is now public, in case anyone was trying to view it.

Hi Daniel, might be this bug?

That definitely looks like the same bug. Thanks a lot for the pointer! Once they have a fix, I will check it out.

I practice what I’ve read on several forums, NOT to take off in any mode, except stabilize. Using loiter/GPS hold, will almost always cause a problem if you do not have a good lock to begin with.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reports and helping each other out.
Just for the record, I take off in AltHold and Loiter all the time. There was a bug in the Copter-3.4-dev (i.e. non released version) but I think it’s fixed now in the beta that’s just gone out today.