IRIS - Pixhawk -Circle Mode Not working

Hi ,
I’m not sure where I should post my request for help in IRIS or in APM 3.1,
I apologies if this location is not the right one.

I have an IRIS with 3.1.5 firmware and for an unknown reason my Circle mode is NOT working.

I’m so frustrated that I’m not sure where I should look…
I have done the firmware updates successfully (as per YouTube, and manual tutorials),:

  • install IRIS parameters with the front GoPRO ( I have a brushless gimbal front mounted).
    -wizard steps all completed without any issues…Radio Calibration, Mag Calibration all 9 yards.
    -circle radius set a 400 cm (4 m).
    -all flight modes checked.

On the field, when I flip the switch to Circle …the quad for a second is orienting the front towards the centre of the circle but instead is taking a diagonal back- left flight path …and keeps on going.

I have tried flipping thru all flight modes with the same result…
I have tried the same flight mode from DroidPlanner 2, and Andropilot with the same results.
RTL mode is working, and I have 10 sat on GPS .

This flight mode works beautiful in spring…with a radius of 500cm (5m)…this would be the only difference…and I will try the new radius over the weekend….
But I can’t see a reason not to work for other radius.

I have uploaded the content of my micro SD from PIXHAWK, and photos of my IRIS at the following location. … 89meSryHya

I appreciate any input or piece of advice.


Please see the note in

The radius of the circle can be controlled by modifying the CIRCLE_RADIUS parameter.

NB: The units are meters in AC 3.1 and will be centimeters in AC 3.2. ***Mission Planner will report the units as cm for both versions of the code.

Thanks Craig.