IRIS payload and related adjustment requirements?

The IRIS weighs app. 1290g including battery (app. 265g) Payload is described with 425g.

  1. Does the payload include the battery ?

  2. Are the IRIS DEFAULT Parameters adjusted with full / half / no payload ? Including GoPro (90g incl. a simple frame) or including a BLDC Gimbal + GoPro combo ( 280g estimated ) ?

  3. If thats not the case, which parameters should be adjusted ?

  4. Since the upcoming Tarot Gimbal brings some weight to the front (?) , it would be interesting to know, what (or if it) is required to balance the bird, or…

I’ve just received an IRIS with a Tarot gimbal and it comes with a mountain plate for the underside of the IRIS which places the gimbal right under the COG as opposed to sticking the go-pro on the front which caused mediocre pitch performance.

I think the standard IRIS parameters will work fine although I think that the IRIS is generally slightly underpowered and could do with a 4S battery and/or higher KV motors. Step by step it’s getting better though.

Great, I hope that there will be pictures of the (mounted) gimbal soon and the mounting plate available seperately… My results, using the screws of the GoPro Mount, ended up with a Dead Cat like flying behavior.

Btw., where is the COG of the IRIS located ? Some cm in front of the intersection ?

Thx for reply.