Iris+ No Telemtery on TX

I just received an Iris+, I was told to upgrade the firmware which I did. I then recalibrated everything. I took her out on her maiden voyage and it worked pretty well, it seems a bit slugish to me not sure if it just me or the Iris. While flying I had Droidplanner running but I wanted to check telemetry on the TX, it showed all zeros. Someone mention that if I reload the Iris+ parameters it would fix it. While doing this I received a bunch of yaw out of range values but still no telemetry in TX.

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 4.31.54 PM.png[/attachment]

scratch that, I loaded 3.1.5 now going to load 3.2 and see if any changes.

Hi people!
I have no telemetry on my TX. Have calibrated etc but no read out after pressing the lower key…

Me too. Worked on the first flight. Did some tinkering with mission planner and loaded parameters. now transmitter has no telemetry data, just lines

Similar problem here too. Iris+ updated firmware to 3.2, recalibrated everything and now no battery voltage or speed telemetry on TX.

I found the reason for my lack of battery voltage display on the TX. The battery telemerty and failsafe were both disabled in the Pixhawk apparently from the firmware upgrade. Check your settings in MP and see if yours are turned off.