IRIS List of parts

I have a few questions on my new IRIS, the first of which is - is there a list of contents that should have come with the IRIS? Obviously this depends on what I bought.

I have 7 parts that are unidentifiable to me and are not mentioned in any literature that I have read.
I will follow up with pics shortly, but I’m hoping there is a basic parts list for each item purchased.
I bought iris, transmitter, telemetry radio, gopro, gimbal.

Hi Steve,

You can find most of the information from the parts section of the manual: … ual-v4.pdf

Here is the manual for the gimbal: … t-IRIS.pdf

If there are more unidentifiable parts we can check them with the pictures.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I didn’t see ant of the parts in the manual, I checked there first.
Here are the parts, they may require individual pics…,
My guesses are:

The large leg looking things are legs to go with the tarot camera gimbal?
The USB with breakout cable I don’t have a clue.
The twisted wire connectors must be extras for the pixhawk or ?
The white thing?
The packages with black screws and black whatever, maybe something for propellers?
Thanks for the help!

Please check my previous links I think most of the parts are there.

For the rest of the unidentifiable part, please post some pics.

Thank you!

Ahh, for some reason I didn’t see the gimbal manual.
So the legs are for the gimbal
But I haven’t seen any of the others in the regular manual or the gimbal manual?
Thanks for your help,

Here’s a closer picture of the rest of the parts without the legs.

Here is a parts description from the picture you provided.

  1. Device used to configure the tarot, it’s included in the Tarot’s original package, you don’t need to use it, the tarot is already configured at the factory.

  2. Included with the gopro: … +bukle.jpg

  3. Spare propeller mounting hardware

  4. Original cables included with the Tarot, no need to use them, Iris already has the cables to connect the gimbal.

The two baggies of black screws are spare propeller seats, nut and washers.

The thing I really don’t get is the USB cable with the inline electronics case, is that some sort of programmer or serial cable?

Yes, see attached picture.

So this device is the one shown in here as usb dongle to computer: … he_Pixhawk
Remember the Tarot is already configured, so you don’t need to go through the configuration again.

Thank you Rogelion!