Iris+ landing at last waypoint

Hey, when i set my iris+ to do a mission, as soon as it gets to the last waypoint it lands there straight away. Is there a setting somewhere in mission planner where i can make it rtl when it finishes a mission?

Am planning taking it to a lake and really want it to rtl.

Thanks alot for any help

Select your last waypoint, click , click the dropdown and select RETURN_TO_LAUNCH.

Enter an RTL altitude if you want (or leave it as 0 and it will use current altitude)

Thanks, do you know if there is a way to make it the default action? I mostly will plan missions with droidplanner 2 and with it i can do the same as you just said but it would be good if it just automatically assumed that after the last waypoint to rtl.

What happens if the RTL is through a tree? Having to think about what you are doing makes you think I little bit more about the flight.