Iris+ Goes down - Can someone help a guy from Maui

I was flying my Iris+ today and it crashed. The winds were 10 miles per hour and I have flown in this location before. 3.2 is in it. If this is the wrong place please let me know and will remove. I have attached the bin file as recommended.

Here are 2 clips that may help:

  1. A weird drop in power I think

  2. This happened a few seconds after first clip then ended up in the crash

Not sure whats going on, but IMU1 accel values look really strange, after 2 mins…but I am unfamilliar with pixhawk. IMU2 looks how i would expect.

baro and gps alt drop as expected, but AHR2 alt climbs at the moment baro drops. Not analysed that log type before to explain that

Thanks. You are the second person to say this about the log. Hopefully additional eyes can see and provide insight.

Issue resolved by 3drobotics. MPU 6000 (accelerometer) chip failed mid air.


Glad it was resolved. hope its a waranty thing