IRIS+/Gimbal/Imaging Device connections and suggestions

:mrgreen: Hello all,

I am thinking of buying an IRIS+ in order to take aerial images of row crops for a project. I have selected an Olympus TG-4 Tough as my imaging device due to its ability to take a beating as well as deliver RAW format images (important for the post-processing).

I have a couple of questions; if someone could offer suggestions on this it would be great, whether it’s from first-hand experience or referral to an information source.

1 - I’ll need a gimbal that can carry a 247 gram point-and-shoot and be mounted to the IRIS+ and provide excellent nadir positioning. Any suggestions?

2 - I need information on how to wire a point and shoot like the Olympus TG4 Tough to the PixHawk for remote trigger, as well as wiring the gimbal itself to the PixHawk. Any sources?

Thanks in advance!!!