IRIS+ flies away in RTL mode

First (real) flight very successful with one glitch. Flew 20+ minutes, wind 5-7 mph, STD, LTR, hover, box, 8, auto LAND, but when I tried RTL IRIS just started to climb away. This happened in both STD and LTR modes. I have checked radio calibration and here is what I got for Radio 5:
RTL off = 1146 1326 1431
RTL on = 1578 1682 1863

Do these look normal? I think I have seen a thread somewhere about this very problem, but I can’t find it now. Please help me find a fix, I am afraid to try an AUTO mission, particularly one with an RTL, until this is fixed.

Posting your flight log would be helpful, but RTL will climb to whatever altitude is specified in the parameters before flying back home. That could be 30, 40, 50m high.

Jack those PWM values that you are seeing with RTL on and off are correct. The transmitter is actually set up to allow the selection of 6 different flight modes. This is done using the 3-position flight mode switch and the 2-position RTL switch. With the RTL switch up, the flight mode switch is used to select flight modes 1-3. With the RTL switch down, the flight mode switch is used to select flight modes 4-6. You can see this in Mission Planner. By default, 3DR has set all three flight modes (4-6) to RTL. So when you you flip the RTL switch, regardless of what position the flight mode switch is in, it always triggers RTL. But if you wanted, you could actually use those 2 switches to control 6 different flight modes that you would set in Mission Planner.

Also, as Mark said, there is an RTL altitude. If you are below that altitude, the Iris will climb to that altitude and then RTL. If you are above that altitude, it will maintain current altitude and just RTL. If you haven’t modified anything from the default settings, the RTL altitude should be 20m. If you are successfully flying in Loiter without issue, then RTL should work without issue (as both modes use all the same sensors to control flight).

Thanks Mark and d, I should have known that, I certainly had read it and it certainly makes sense. With my aging mind I seem to have to be hit over the head with it before I remember these things. I was flying low and slow in a wide open field just getting a feel for IRIS. The bird was very close to the Launch point when I initiated RTL, and I guess I was expecting it to just move over a few feet and sit down, similar to the LAND (without the move) which I had already used. Of course, IRIS didn’t know that there wasn’t a tree between it and the launch point :laughing: .