IRIS disassembly and power question

I was flying my IRIS when it suddenly flew forward and crash landed.
Was unable to arm it.
Unplugged the battery and plug it back in and nothing, no lights, no sound.
I tried to take the bottom off looking to see what might be broken and was unable to remove any of the plugs, even the ones plugged into the pixhawks. Seem as they are crazy glued in. After several minutes trying to remove just one plug any plug I gave up and plugged the battery back in.
Low and behold it powered up normally.
Took it for a test flight and it worked just fine. few.
Still don’t know why it shutdown or flew off into the wild.
Also how are you suppose to remove those plugs to get the unit apart?
Don’t want to rip the wires out of the plugs or remove the mounting plug from the board.
Also is there a short circuit protection on the board that would have caused the unit to not power on.
When it was dead there were no light even on the pixhawks.

Hi iseries,

This is connector handling video: …

More maintenance info here:

The Pixhawk has over current protection, but don’t know why you weren’t able to power the Pixhawk until you removed and plugged again the cables.

I would recheck the wires that goes to the Pixhawk’s power port to confirm there is no loose contact issue.

I watched the video and looked at the comments and they are correct, it is impossible to remove those plugs without breaking them off. The video removes the plug just after plugging them in. Leave them in a while and they will not come out.

I did see after removing the bottom cover that there was some water in there. I’m flying the unit in the snow since that’s what I’ve got to play with. The heat from the distribution hub may have melted the snow that blew in there and caused a temporary short.

Don’t have any docs on the distribution hub that is being used and how it works.

I don’t have a document of the 4 in 1 to share, but here you can find the hardware overview and also the eagle files of the Pixhawk: … -overview/

The 4 in 1 uses a module similar to the used in the 3DR Power module you can find the eagle files at the bottom of the product page: … connectors

And more info about the power module: … -with-apm/