Iris+ crash after 'dropping backwards' during RTL

Hi guys,

I had a slight crash the other day and I was hoping someone could please have a look at my logs to see what went wrong??

I was probably flying for about 4-5 minutes when I brought the Iris+ back to land with RTL. It came back fine and started to land. While at about 50m or so, it started doing this backwards ‘dip/drop’ and would catch itself. This repeated a few times before I switched modes to bring it down manually. The dropping continued and more of my own panic mode set it. It landed on the roof of my house behind me, ‘hopped’ off and landed on a bush, before flipping onto the concrete patio. Luckily, only damage I can see is a couple bent propellers.

I had the logs on DIYdrones and was told to post it here because the guy taking a look (Dax) hadn’t seen anything like it before. I’ve also sent to 3dr but waiting for a reply still.

If anyone could have a look, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

If you look at your RCout 1 to 4, motors 1 and 3 (front pair) are working harder than 2 and 4. They then seem to start to work even harder. It got worse the further east you pointed. Eventually the front motors max out and the copter struggles to maintain attitude as RTL occured and speed increased.

Is the centre of gravity in the middle or do you have a camera our front or something?

Was it windy? It was pitched nose up more as it pointed east…was it a a westerly breeze? Guessing a bit on that one :slight_smile: