IRIS Config Info Needed

Trying to fly in loiter mode and getting bad results.
Toilet bowling and turning left and flying sideways.
Compass looks to be way off when viewed throw HUD in Mission Planner
Can’t run through setup without correct parameters as it seems doing them wrong leaves IRIS useless.
Have IRIS with gimbal, not installed yet.
Need correct process to do compass setup.
Unit should come with plan B instructions or at least what was setup.
I would assume at some point new firmware and setting will come out and need to know what I have.

It also looks like the compass is mounted upside down. West is East and East is West.
Don’t know how to fix that problem.

If that is the case, try a) compass calibration (see the wiki) or b) mounting the 3DR GPS upside down - I think the label side should be UP? Also make sure it is mounted the right direction - towards the FRONT of your Iris…

The problem is what to pick on the compass screen: Pixhawk/PX4, APM, APM External, Manual ROTATION???.
Well I used Manual with ROTATION_NONE.
This fixed the problem and now Loiter works just fine.
I think 3DR needed to sell some parts as I thought this was a ready to fly unit.
4 blades and one leg later I find out that was not totally true.
Compass must have been calibrated upside down from the factory…
Hope no one else got there IRIS this way.
I also took the liberty of dumping all my configs and saving them. Who knows how many other parameters are wrong.

When you take your Iris or any other aircraft that is dependent on a compass or gps to a new area it is best to do a calibration for the area you are flying in. Each part of the world is different. I do that with my Iris and Phantom just to be safe. Also if you run into a weak or lost Gps signal you need to get into STB mode which will not rely on gps, only your skills as a pilot, but at least you will regain control. Here is the link for calibrating your compass. … te_Compass you will also have a link to watch a video so you can see just how it is done.

hope this helps.

Grandpa Jake

Found that when I load the Mission Planner it automatically starts the wizard which wants to configure the Pixhawks. I stopped it when it wanted to update the firmware but it must have updated the compass along the way. From the logs I can see that the compass changed on the day a loaded the Mission Planner.