IRIS+ and FPV?

Hey everyone,

So, I got my IRIS+ and gimbal a couple weeks ago and seriously love it, however I did ask them if a FPV solution was coming and they said yes sometime in November?

How would this work though, would we ourselves have to open up the Iris+ or is it going to be a plug in play type deal with the gopro and whats on the quad, or something like the Sony HAD attached?

anyone have any idea? That’s really what I’d love to do is know where I am flying and go farrrr

Well you can connect the GoPro to a FPV transmitter, as I’ve done it on my Y6 using the TV out.
I guess there is room under the shell to add the transmitter, it’s just a question of power connectors, as my FPV transmitter uses 12V like the gimbal.
Perhaps 3DR will have a neater solution for all the wires and antenna…

apparently 3DR is coming out with an FPV mod for the iris+…hopefully plug and play nothing to crazy to install but with another antennae im not sure? Anywho any mods on this? Their call center has said multiple times it would come out next month.