IRIS+ and 7" FPV

I bought my IRIS+ last fall with all the bells and whistles. My experience has been more theoretical than practical as I am going to school for it. Sadly found out this week IRIS+ has been discontinued. I was under the impression 3DR was going to continue to support this platform for years to come. I purchase IRIS+ because of how you can take it apart and play with it. However, I feel UAS technology is like cell phone technology, here today obsolete tomorrow. I have been debating if selling my IRIS+ might be a better option and invest in a SOLO? After all, both DJI and 3DR are heading towards more and more plug and play… thoughts?

In any event, I was wondering this:

  1. the 7" FPV screen, aside from FPV is there any other purpose? meaning, can I do use mission planner with this? or do I need the android device or my laptop to accomplish mission planner?
  2. In the IRIS+ GCS is there a good battery I can use instead of wasting 8AA? I have heard of 3s LiFePO4, is this a good option for the controller?
  3. If I keep the IRIS+ anyone know of where I can find a good and use case? I have tried ebay and craigslist and nothing…

Anyone? Did I write this in the wrong forum?

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