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IR-LOCK Tacquired variable in mavlink

Hello, i would like to have the target acquired irlock variable sent to my mission planner so that i know if everything is ok.

Is there a way to do it on my own or the ardupilot code needs to be modified? Best would be to have ardupilot send a mavlink message and mission planner show it somewhere. If there is an alternate mode please let me know so that i can work on it.



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Just to make it a bit clearer, all i need is some kind of target acquired message sent to mission planner, once i have it there i can make some code on MP to make a nice green target once it is locked or red once it is not yet locked.
I think it would be great to understand if it works or not. As it is now it is a bit blind wheter it is engaged or not.

Maybe i am missing something and the info is already there but i simply don’t know where to get it.


yes that would be nice to get a Target lockt during land mode so we know that the ir beacon has been detected.
ot just stream a 0 or 1 via mavlink so we know when the beacon is in range.

I third this. Is the Mavlink message Landing_Target supposed to appear when the beacon is detected?


I would like this too!

Is there a solution yet on this topic?

I cannot get LANDING_TARGET message with IRLOCK.

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