IR-LOCK precision landing without devoting a switch/channel

Currently I’m using CH8 (with the 39 parameter) to enable IR-LOCK precision landing. Is there any way to enable this without devoting a scarce RC channel for this? Is there some good reason why IR-LOCK landing/loiter capability can’t always be enabled? What would happen if it was enabled and no beacon were present? I’d really like to get an RC channel back for other purposes. Thanks!

39 is precision loiter , it does beacon tracking in loiter mode. Precision landing is set by parameters and should be allway enabled when you switch to Land

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Sorry, that’s my error. Everywhere above where I said “precision landing” I meant “precision loiter.” I’d like keep precision loiter enabled – even if no beacon is present – and free up an RC channel.

That would be ok if irlock was the only tracking method but there are many. For example if I set a camera to track a red patch on ground it would stop on every red surface

Nonetheless, you could override the code and get allways on:

or force the logic within loiter mode:

Hi. I’d like to avoid running my own compilation of Arducopter – I’ve done it before and tracking changes was a considerable hassle. But more to the point here, a couple of issues seem unclear.

First, doesn’t it take more than just “red” to be acquired as a target? Isn’t there a requirement that the presumed target be pulsing at the established target frequency? Otherwise, what’s the point of pulsing the target in the first place? I thought that was specifically to help avoid false acquisitions and to make the target more visible in sunlight.

Second, and perhaps I’m misunderstanding something here, even if it did acquire false targets in loiter, why is that a problem? If you’re not applying any input, you want to be hovering in that position, so if there’s a false target that can help keep you there all the better! If you don’t want to be hovering over a false target, you apply input, target acquisition is lost, and you move on. What am I missing? Thanks.

Look at my experiments on red ball tracking using OpenMV and precision loiter. I really meed the switch to enable/disable the tracking

But the question is, if you apply inputs, can you “escape” the red ball?

Yes you can but usually the switch is used to initiate the tracking and release it when things go wrong like when it is wildly overshooting and the controls are getting ineffective and that happened to a couple of us , we called it the “psycho wasp”

Yeah, I saw the wasp a few times until I changed the input parameter from EKF to raw. Thanks.

I’ve gone ahead and built a version (via the switches.cpp routine) that keeps precision landing enabled. I’ll see how it goes. Thanks again.

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How did you managed to comunicate OpenCam with the flight controller? By the way, are you using a Pixhawk?

Please read the blog: