IR-Lock Precision Landing with direct sun!

I have a problem when I use the skycharge base with the IR-LOCK precision landing. IR-Lock use a beacon on the floor and a camera on the drone, and on the ground works perfect! But we area having issues at mid day, when the sun its over us almots 90° to the ground. The SkyCharge base reflect the sun like a mirror, and to the eyes of the camera, the beacon its dificult to see. Here its a picture from the problem.

here its what the camera see:

Any idea of how to make it work together with direct sun?


I have never used IR Lock but I am curious if you can get a polaroid filter in front of the lens. That’s what we use in photography to stop this problem.

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Good Day,

You should not use mirror-like surfaces directly behind the MarkOne Beacon.

It is best to use matte (non-smooth) and NIR absorbent (typically black) surfaces. Some reflection is ok, but a large mirror-like surface is definitely not good to use directly behind/beside the beacon. It will oversaturate the sensor in the area of desired detection, which results in zero detection if that is where the beacon is located.


great idea, we will try it!