IR-Lock Erratic Flight

I posted this before but didn’t realize it was in the 3.5 category so I will repost here.

I am getting scary and dangerous behavior with IR-Lock and it is definitely not what I expected when I purchased IR-Lock. I am lucky I was able to get the drone back in one piece. See video and attached flight logs.

The drone has here+ RTK GPS and can nearly land back on the platform all on it’s own. It should only use the IR-Lock to guide it the last bit but it looks like the autopilot completely disregards the GPS, accels, all of it’s sensors and just relies on the camera alone. I have tried with multiple settings for PLND_ACC_P_NSE and this video was with it set to .5; the lowest authority for the camera.

I have also tried with Kalman filter on and off with the exact same behavior.

tlog file:

The dataflash logs are here: