IR-Lock "Bad Vision Position" with Cube Orange

I have been trying to setup precision landing using IR-Lock on Cube Orange.
Ive been using PixyMon v2 (3.0.24) with firmware version 3.0.18-general. The Module is detected on PixyMon and I am able to set signatures on it. The interface data out port is set to I2C with default baud rate. On connecting with the Cube Orange (I2C Port), the HUD displays “Bad Vision Position” which I assume is due to poor communication between the FC and pixy module (LW20 is used as rangefinder on telem2).
I’ve tried playing around with PLND_BUS (setting it from -2 to 4) as the Pixhawk 4 module accepts 3 as bus value for pixy to work. But the message still stays.

Connecting through UART has not been any better either, the message still stays. (Connected through telem1) and necessary changes were done through the PixyMon software.

Will be trying to use GPS1 ports I2C to check if the IR-Lock starts sending data. Please let me know if there are any other ways to get it working, or if I did anything wrong in any of the setups.