IOMCU_reset unknown reason

Hello everyone,

I am running Arduplane 4.3.7 using a Cube Orange+ on a VTOL, and it had strange behavior on its latest flight. Luckily the drone managed to recover and land safely, but I am unable to find the reason behind it.

I just want to make sure this is not a firmware problem, but rather a hardware malfunction that I can easily repair by replacing the cube.

Could you please help me trying to identify the cause of IOMCU_reset? The RCOUT and RCIN froze by around 2 seconds before the IOMCU resets.
I am also able to see that there was a connection problem on the compass I2C. Can it be related to the problem? I am unsure if the I2C connects to the IOMCU or the main MCU.

Here is the log

Thanks in advance!

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